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This wiki will give people info about the game, ArcaneSoul. This wiki will hopefully contain the correct information people wanted, guides, characters, and so forth.

If you are having trouble with the controls, go to settings in the game, and click on "Tutorial." If you did not find the thing you were searching for, ask someone on the wiki. Thank you.

What is ArcaneSoul about?Edit

ArcaneSoul is a Hack and Slash action RPG made by mSeed. You make your character stronger by leveling up, obtaining skills, and collecting/upgrading weapons and armor to battle with monsters.

Game Features:

• [Characters] You can play with three characters including a supplementary character, but there are requirements to unlock two of them.

• [Modes] Choose between Adventure mode, Defense Mode, and Survival Mode.

• [Skills] There are 47 skills in total.

• [Battles] Dynamic battles using a variety of combos and skills!

• [Items] Collect items with 45 different options total.

• [Graphics] 60 FPS of game play.


• Your data will be erased if you delete the installed app from the device.

• Gamepad is supported.

• The game is available in English, Spanish, German, French, Brazilian, Russian, Turkish, Chinese, and Korean.

• The language settings for the games can be changed within the game.

• The minimum device specifications for the game is: iPhone 4S, iPad2, or iPod5th Generation.

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